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My First Zazzle Sale…and a few new T-Shirts

Quite a while back, I created a Zazzle store, Esoteric Inspiration.  A couple of weeks ago, on 10/16/2014 I made my first sale, a t-shirt I designed that says “Got Self-Knowledge?  Reality Created By Me”.  Interestingly, on the same day that I received a notice that my domain EsotericInspiration.com was going to expire, I received an email from Zazzle telling me of my sale.  I took that as a message from the Universe to be sure I renew the domain, and keep going with building my Zazzle store.  I haven’t added anything new to it since I created it.

With new inspiration, over the last week, I’ve added 4 new t-shirts:

Last Updated: December 20, 2015

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  1. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your interest in purchasing from my Zazzle store. To check out my store go here: http://www.zazzle.com/esotericinspiration*
    Also, keep an eye on my site, as some changes are in the works as well as additional Zazzle stores!

  2. How can we order a shirt?

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