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Anthony Hopkins On The Illusion Of Life

In this compelling video, Anthony Hopkins discusses the philosophical aspects of life, offering insights that challenge conventional perceptions. Hopkins suggests life is an illusion, a concept echoing through spiritual and [...]
caught in a storm

You Create Your Own Reality

Do you create your own reality, or are you at the mercy of external conditions? “My thoughts are the key that set me free” – David J. Dachauer You’ve probably [...]
Know Thyself Graphic Only

How to Build Beliefs

In thinking any thought enough times we come to believe it thereby creating our own personal truth. These truths that we arrive at may or may not coincide with truth [...]
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Past, Present, Future

Let go the past, let go the present: it is what it is and was what it was. When I reach out to pick something up, my thought in the [...]
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Three Powerful Books

This post replaces a page I am removing from my site as part of an effort to reorganize things a bit…   Below are three books which I found particularly [...]
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Are you a “Thinkaholic”?

Can’t seem to stop thinking, like you’re addicted to your thoughts?  I’m subscribed to Dharma Comics, so I receive Leah Pearlman’s great comics via email.  This one resonated with me [...]

Abraham on Doomsday Predictions

Here’s my latest video with Abraham’s take on why man keeps falsely predicting his own demise… See the bottom of this post for the download link. Transcript Copyright © Abraham-Hicks [...]

Abraham on How Thought Processes Work

While taking a morning walk this past week and listening to Abraham, there was a segment that I found particularly interesting.  It struck me so strongly, I decided to make [...]

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