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Abraham on Doomsday Predictions

Here’s my latest video with Abraham’s take on why man keeps falsely predicting his own demise…

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Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 2/16/2008

Man: "The year 2012,  has a lot of vibrational things, especially like in the metaphysical community about what that date is.  Like the Mayan calendar ends then." "I’m just kind of curious if you could possibly add some clarif.. if there is, I mean does that date have anything to do with…"

Abe: "Yes, it’s really important"

Man: "…with the big vibration shift?  Is it different than 2013 or is it just like they’re all the same?  You know…"

Abe: "We were going to have fun with that, that it’s the year before 2013…

Man: okay

Abe: it’s the year after 2011 which makes it uniquely it’s very own year.  But, we really want to speak to why these things keep coming up.  There’s the harmonic convergence, and then there’s the y2k, and then there’s the second coming, and then there’s…  In other words there’s always something and we want…and we want to talk about why that is, and we think we can give it to you here easily.  You’re really gonna get this. 

Man: okay.

Abe: We talked earlier today about the difference between inspiration and motivation, and humans just keep picking these false endings to poke at themselves for motivation’s sake.

Man: Gotcha

Abe: That’s really what that is always about.

Man: That’s what I thought it would be.  and that’s all.

Abe: And when you think about it, how could it be otherwise?  When you understand, and do you, that you are source energy?  And that you’ve projected yourself here into this perfect time space reality that was meant to inspire you to become more?  And isn’t it utterly illogical with every fiber of your being to contemplate that you could be Source Energy, that you could project yourself into a leading edge time space reality which would inspire more, more, more, more, more from you and then someone would say ‘oh, but there’s this date when it’s all cut off…’ and all that you put out there into your vibrational escrow ceases to be.  We promise you that this time space reality has the wherewithal to support you farther than your mind can comprehend time!

Download the video
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Abraham-Hicks: Doomsday predictions

Last Updated: February 19, 2011

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