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You Create Your Own Reality

Do you create your own reality, or are you at the mercy of external conditions?

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Most Of Us Believe We Are At The Mercy Of The External.

My thoughts are the key that set me free” – David J. Dachauer

You’ve probably heard it said that we create our own reality, and maybe you’ve written it off as a false statement without really giving it much thought or analysis. It’s a topic I’ve thought about a lot over the years, and now that I know it’s true from first-hand experience, I think about it every day. We are all creators, both individually, and as a whole – we are all interconnected. In a very real way, we do create our own reality. Although you may not create every tiny detail of your life and physical environment, you have an incredibly powerful creative influence over the events of your life, even your physical surroundings, and most of all how you feel and respond to any situation & environment. We are all creators via our response to the stimuli of life.

You’ve also probably heard that “perception is reality”, and that too is true. Our perceptions are shaped by our experiences coupled with how we respond to our experiences internally, which leads to how we respond to them externally. Perception IS reality and you get to choose how you perceive things. Our perceptions are rooted in the thoughts we choose to focus upon. Notice I didn’t say all thoughts we have but those we focus upon, those we choose to feed. Not all thoughts that occur to us belong to us. Though we may experience many thoughts, only the ones we focus upon become our own. The rest of them merely pass through us and continue on, seeking a home elsewhere. We can evict unwanted thoughts simply by removing our attention from them, focusing on different thoughts, leaving the unwanted to wither and die or move on to a new host.

Freedom is one of the basic things that we all crave. Where we come from, we have unlimited freedom and power, and at some level, we know that, we remember it, and that’s why many of us struggle in this life to the degree that we do. Our struggle is born out of frustration with the limitations of this physical world of time & space, because at some level we know and remember that there are no limitations where we come from. While it may be true that this world has limitations, it is in reality much less limited than most of us believe. Our lives are much more malleable than most of us are taught. Most of us grow up to think of our lives and experiences as a sculpture that is hardened, static, and unchangeable- except maybe for the paint and other cosmetic, external decorations. But in Reality, our lives are more like a sculpture that is made of non-hardening clay that we can reshape into whatever we desire with the “hands” of our minds…changing our lives from the inside out.

Every second of every minute of every day we are all, each and every single one of us, immersed in a sea of choices. Many, if not most of us don’t realize that we have choices available. We say things like “I have to go to work”, but in reality, none of us “has to do” anything, we are always at choice. What we choose is up to us, it always has been. We can react, or we can consciously choose. Most of us re-act to situations, we respond to any given situation in the same way that we always have, without any conscious thought, which creates the tendency to keep us stuck with the same problems we’ve always had. In truth, our problems are merely the consequences of our choices, and choices, by their very nature can be changed. By choosing our responses from a point of conscious thought instead of habitual reaction, we create better results. Our thoughts and resulting choices elicit responses, reactions, and consequences from other people and situations, and they can perpetuate our thought patterns or we can use them to create new thought patterns. By focusing on what we want, instead of what we don’t, we can change our lives.

the cosmic thinker

The Cosmic Thinker

The Universe is Mental” – The Kybalion

We really do create our own reality, and it begins with our thoughts. Everything that we experience in our lives begins as a thought in the context of experience. Our perception is our reality, and is controlled by our everyday thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Everything we do, everything we say – it all starts out as thought. If we are truly honest with ourselves, there is no denying that we can control our internal and external reactions to circumstances by way of choosing how we respond and feel, thereby creating our experience in response to events, and in a very real way we create our own reality by doing so. Even from a purely physical standpoint, the idea that your thoughts create & control your life is very easily demonstrated.

In a very logical, practical way of looking at things, what you think has a direct effect on what you say and what you do. Those three things; what you think, say, and do all have a direct effect on what you experience. If you’re coming from a negative point of view, then you’re thinking negative thoughts, which causes you to create negative occurrences or results in your life because it effects how you look at things, how you approach things, and how you do things. So, if you’re coming from that negative point of view it taints everything. What you think affects what you say and what you do. What you say and do have a huge impact on how you experience life. Your thoughts control your words and deeds and even more than that, they go way beyond the physical as well, stirring the powers of the universe in a direction that matches your thoughts.

You’ve been told that the world doesn’t revolve around you, that you’re not the center of the universe; but that’s just plain wrong, it IS all about you, the world DOES revolve around you, and you are the center of the universe. It IS all about you! When it comes to your life, and your experience, it really is all about you. It’s about your attitudes, your thoughts, and beliefs. It’s about how you think, speak, and act. It’s about how you see yourself, the world around you, and how you see others. You determine how you think, and how you think determines your experience. No one, no-thing has a bigger impact on your life than you. At the same time, acknowledge the paradox that it’s not always all about you, it’s also all about Us, we are all interconnected. We is a reflection of Me, and Me is a reflection of we. In truth we are all One.

We are all one

Truth Is Paradox, Paradox Is Truth.

My biggest power is my mind, whatever I seek I’ll surely find
– David J. Dachauer

Circumstances, conditions, and events can either be our master or our slave, it’s up to us. Now more than ever before in history, we have easy access to information and countless stories that demonstrate the power of the human spirit. So many people have overcome such a broad range of adversities, and come out on top, even better than they were before. This clearly shows that how you experience any given circumstance is up to you, and it boils down to a matter of choice. You are always at choice. Instead of experiencing life from a point of automatic, unconscious reaction, decide consciously to live from a point of choice, and you’ll see a whole Universe of possibilities open up before you. We all start with the same base materials, and they are our thoughts and responses, combined with our circumstances, conditions and events. We can change them into ugly, heavy, toxic lead, or we can use them to create light, bright, beautiful wings of gold.

Stay tuned for more blog posts detailing our creative powers and how to use them.

Last Updated: March 6, 2024

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