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Inspiring Video: Wonderment

As I watched this video this morning while eating breakfast, it moved me to tears with its beauty and inspiration.  Lisa Smith, who is speaking in the video says:


Animals have so much to teach us about true communication, if only we were willing to listen.

As I pondered what Lisa said, a question occurred to me, a question for anyone who eats meat out there: What’s the difference between the horses & dogs in this video, and the pigs, chickens, and cows you eat?

If think about this question, really think about it, and you are genuinely honest with yourself, you will realize that the only difference between them is in your mind, in your habits, and in the cultural lies you’ve been led to believe.  In truth, there is no difference between eating a cow, dog, or horse.

I am, however, very hopeful and optimistic, because I believe that the world is waking up, on a larger level than ever before we are realizing the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.  More on that in later posts…

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

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