The Lost Series Finale –My Take

I don’t generally watch much TV, but this show caught my attention.  I watched the first couple of seasons on DVD (Netflix), as we didn’t have cable at the time, and I didn’t even know about the show until after a couple of seasons.  After that, I watched it online…

I had been speculating for a while now that the island was really purgatory…not that I believe in purgatory, but that’s a different post altogether.

My take on Lost as a whole, in light of watching the series finale last night is:

Flight 815 really did crash, and maybe on an island, it doesn’t really matter.  I think all the passengers died in the crash, and the whole series was about them reconciling their lives before they could ‘move on’.  The island was a co-creative reality that they all made and participated in to help themselves and each other come to terms with their lives and the ending of their lives.  Hmmm, kind of sounds like what many believe our every-day ‘reality’ to be!

All-in-all, I found Lost to be an excellent show, maybe the best series I’ve ever watched.


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