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My Second Weekly 24+ Hour Fast

Earlier today, I decided to go ahead and do another fast starting after dinner.

Tonight we had a dinner of MorningStar Farms Grillers Chik’n "burgers" on  Nature’s Own whole wheat sandwich rounds along with baked sweet potato fries and lima beans.

For dessert, we had a variation of strawberry shortcake, using whole wheat pound cake instead, along with fresh strawberries slightly sweetened with agave nectar.  At 7:20pm, I chased my dessert with a small glass of water with 2 tablespoons of milled flax seed mixed in.  The flax seed was just a little insurance against possible constipation from fasting, I read that your last meal before a fast should be high fiber.  I didn’t have any problems last week, but figured it couldn’t hurt, plus with all the omega-3 oils, it’s good for you!

Weight before week one fast: 136, after week one fast: 132.  This morning I tipped the scale at 133lbs.  It will be interesting to see if the fasting continues to result in permanent weight loss.

Just to clarify, I am water fasting, meaning I am consuming nothing but water, no tea or juice of any kind.

This morning I was much hungrier than I was this time last week.  It’s now 12:36, and the hunger has decreased a little, but I think I’m still hungrier than I was at this time on my first day.  I also have a faint headache.

Earlier in the week, I was thinking that if I did fast again this week I would break the fast sooner- maybe go 24 hours instead of 34+ hours.  But I ended up deciding that I will again go for the long haul.  It just seems like it will be more beneficial to skip a full day of 3 meals than it would to only skip breakfast and lunch.  I also think it would be more difficult to eat a small, light dinner after not eating all day than it will be to just wait until tomorrow morning to eat a reasonable breakfast.

OK, I wimped out…I had a terrible time on this second fasting experience.  I started out in the morning very hungry.  Before lunch I was feeling like I did mid-afternoon on the last (first) fast; spaced-out and drowsy but not sleepy.  By late afternoon I was feeling like I did during the night, 24+ hours into it last time; starving, half nauseated, plus the added bonus of a headache that had been growing all day and was now too much.  So, at 6pm, about 23 hours into it I gave in and broke my fast with a meal of Oatmeal, toast, then a Fiber One granola bar.

The whole experience at first made me hesitant to consider doing it again.  Then I had a thought: Saturday & Sunday, my family and I spent both days doing a lot of hard work in the backyard: digging two small gardening areas in VERY rocky ground, and also constructing a patio with 12”x12” concrete pavers.  The weekend left me tired and quite sore.  Maybe my bad fasting experience was due to the unusual exertion over the weekend, followed by the fast.

I probably will be trying it again, but not in the coming week, at least not Sunday into Monday…Monday is my birthday!  Not really the way I want to spend my birthday.

How about you?  What’s your experience been with fasting?  Let me know via the comments!

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Last Updated: November 18, 2010

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