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Fly Gap Road, Franklin County, Arkansas


fly-gap-viewLooking SW from Fly Gap Overlook.

I recently went on a few one night camping trips in the Ozark National Forest with my kids.  I took them individually, just myself and one of them at a time.  We spent the days exploring the forest roads, county roads, and trails that weave their way through the beautiful Ozarks.

Below are a few of the pictures I captured during our adventures…

First up is Fly Gap Road.  Fly Gap Road is located in Franklin County, Arkansas, it’s approximately 16 miles long, with West Fly Gap and East Fly Gap divided by Arkansas Highway 23.  The West end of W. Fly Gap Road begins at the intersection of W Fly Gap Rd and Potato Knob Road.  The East end of W. Fly Gap is at the intersection of W Fly Gap Rd and AR Hwy 23.  The West end of E Fly Gap Road begins at the intersection of E Fly Gap Rd and AR Hwy 23, with the East end at the intersection of E Fly Gap Rd and Morgan Mountain Road.

There is an awesome overlook on East Fly Gap Road, only 2 miles from AR Hwy 23.  After parking, you’re less than a one minute walk from the overlook.  The view is stunning.  I haven’t seen an official name for it, but I call it Fly Gap Overlook.  It’s located here: 35.748742, -93.783392.

Below are coordinates for Fly Gap Road:
West Fly Gap Road:  West end: 35.734886, -93.902566.  East end: 35.750103, -93.806453
East Fly Gap Rd:  West end: 35.752456, -93.805201.  East end: 35.726538, -93.754651
Fly Gap Overlook: 35.748742, -93.783392

Enough rambling, on with the photos!



One of the many names carved into the rocks at Fly Gap Overlook.




fly-gap-view2Another shot from Fly Gap Overlook

Below  I’ve included a few interactive Panoramas, I highly recommend clicking into the full-screen version!  You can click on the controls, or while in full screen, you can use your mouse wheel to zoom, and your up/down/left/right keys.




Fly Gap Overlook Panorama




Fly Gap Roadside Panorama



Next are a few random shots from our excursions….


The beautiful rock wall above was just off and below the edge of a paved road, I wonder how many people have driven right past this without ever seeing it.  My guess is that it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.



The above photo was captured in the stream right near the rock wall.


I’ll close this post with two more panorama shots…

Panorama: Ozark National Forest Road


Panorama: Old Hippie Bus

Last Updated: March 21, 2024

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