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EpiCor Review–My Personal Experience

I absolutely love EpiCor!  In this mini review, I’ll tell you why…

I won’t get into a lot detail in this review, but I will provide a few links at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in reading up on EpiCor in more detail.  Also, I have no association with the manufacturer of EpiCor, nor do I stand to profit in any way by by you using EpiCor.

EpiCor is “an all-natural nutritional dietary health supplement that helps support the immune system”.  It’s in the form of a capsule, and you take just one a day.  I take it with my breakfast every morning, and have been doing so since October of 2011.


Before October, 2011, I would catch a cold probably 3+ times each year, and the flu once a year.  My kids would bring home colds, etc. from school, and from there they would typically make their rounds through our family, picking us off one-by-one.  When I get a cold, it always starts out the same, my first symptom being an odd tickling feeling in the back of my throat which within a day turns into a sore throat, then within another day spreads to my sinuses.  From there it turns into a full blown cold.

Since I’ve been taking the EpiCor, I have not been sick at all, almost a full year to date!  A handful of times, I’ve experienced the initial onset symptom, that odd tickling feeling in the back of my throat, but it never develops into anything beyond that, and even that is gone within a day or less!

I hope this post has been helpful.  Below are some links for further reading/research:

EpiCor on Wikipedia

Embria Health Sciences – Maker of EpiCor

TV News Clip re: EpiCor

EpiCor Website

EpiCor on Vitacost…this is what I’ve been buying & taking

Last Updated: September 15, 2012

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  1. Glad you are having a great experience. Very similar to mine as well, including reducing allergy symptoms dramatically (I’ve basically been off Claritin now for 5 years). Amazing what a great prebiotic that works in the gut can do for so many facets of health.


    Craig Maltby

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