What is carnism? Are YOU disconnected from your rationality, your feelings, and your values?

In the first video below, a TEDx video, Harvard psychologist Melanie Joy succinctly articulates the structure of the invisible ideology called carnism that is responsible for most people eating the flesh of other animals despite it being counter-intuitive and wrong.

Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, this is a must-watch video.  I've often thought to myself that most omnivores don't want to have a serious discussion regarding eating meat or watch any of the hard-to-watch videos like PETA's 'Meet Your Meat' because at some level, whether consciously or unconsciously, they know that the killing of animals for food when there are other alternatives is wrong.  But as long as they can avoid thinking about it, then they don't have to make any changes.  They don't want to be conscious of what they eat, they want the neatly packaged "meat" to remain disconnected from its source-the flesh of dead animals, who lived and died in misery.

Melanie's video does a great job of explaining how and why more people are not vegetarian or vegan.

Check out Beyond Carnism for more.

The next video is kind of a spin-off from the carnism awareness movement, and is a great video from YouTube user Mic the Vegan.

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