What is Creative Radiance?

Creative Radiance

[kree-ey-tiv | rey-dee-uh ns]

1. The innate ability to create, which when intentionally cultivated by way of original thought, expression, and the action of living from a point of power that is uniquely YOU, radiates brightly from you, and encourages others with whom you interact to do the same.

What is CreativeRadiance.com about?

It's about sharing and growing, discovering and making connections.  Through the pages and posts on this site, I endeavor to share with you my successes and my failures, on my path to more fully realizing who I really am. My hope is that in doing so, I'll make connections with you, and we'll both benefit.

With the above in mind, I post a broad variety of articles to this website: interesting & meaningful videos and movies, books, recipes, random thoughts & ramblings, and more.

How was this site built?

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Who is David J. Dachauer?

David J. Dachauer and Mango

Hello, I'm David J. Dachauer, the creator of CreativeRadiance.com; Idealist, introvert, Vegan, husband, father, inner explorer, writer, photographer, hiker, reader, idea collector, deep thinker.

For more of a glimpse info my psyche, check out my website, read my blog, see what I've been watching, what I've been reading, and what I've been cooking lately, and always feel free to contact me!

Although I've been on a "spiritual" path for most of my life now, I still find myself struggling much of the time, and wishing I could just get out of my own way.   As I ease into the second half of my first century in this life, the idea of living more intentionally, more meaningfully, forging deeper connections with others, and creating a way to make a living doing important work all seem more urgent to me than ever.

​All of the above describes things that I do or have done or believe, and roles that I play, but they're not really who I am.  Just like the things that you do and say and have are not who you are either.  We are all so much more than thoughts & beliefs, actions, experience, and possessions.  All that stuff is superficial and can be quite a distraction from who and what we really are.


I've had some interesting experiences, including two Spirit Walks at The Peyote Way Church of God, a 10-day silent Vipassana course, an Ayahuasca ceremony at ONAC Peaceful Mountain Way, and a Sadhguru Inner Engineering Retreat at Isha, USA.

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