What is carnism? Are YOU disconnected from your rationality, your feelings, and your values?


In the first video below, a TEDx video, Harvard psychologist Melanie Joy succinctly articulates the structure of the invisible ideology called carnism that is responsible for most people eating the flesh of other animals despite it being counter-intuitive and wrong. Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, this is a must-watch video.  I’ve often…

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Your Life Sucks! (but it’s beautiful, too!!!)

Spider web with dew drops

Everything is connected, it’s all part of the same web. Image courtesy of Luc Viatour. Yes, at times your life sucks, and so does mine!  Welcome to planet Earth.  But you know what?!  Whether your life is sucking or your life is being beautiful, it’s the same life either way. As human beings, we live in…

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