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​Is your creativity constipated?​

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T​his morning I had a realization. For quite a few months now​, I’ve felt like ​I’m in a stagnant period where I haven’t accomplished much of anything and have felt very unmotivated, at least during the times that I can actually act. I’ve also been caught in a cycle where during the workday (my day job), I feel motivated to work on ​”​non-work​”​ projects, but for obvious reasons I can’t. Then, after the work day is over I haven’t felt like doing anything except sitting around.

So my realization was this: No matter how good an idea is, if you don’t act on it, if you don’t execute it in some way, it’s completely useless. I know this sounds obvious, but unless you do something with your ideas, you might as well not even have them. Furthermore, I can’t help but think that by not acting on your ideas you’re actually hampering your creativity. By working through your ideas with action, you are transforming your ideas into more concrete, physical things. This, in turn, creates a flow where your ideas flow through you instead of building up and making you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. This also enhances your creativity both by exposing you to experiences you can’t have without action and creates a vacuum, which leaves space for more new ideas to flow into, seeking expression.

​I have a ton of ideas that I’ve done nothing with​, beyond scribbling them down on post-it notes, adding to Evernote, or emailing to myself, etc. Thousands of photos, a meditation system, ideas for new sections and features ​here on CreativeRadiance.com, new product offerings, t-shirt designs, ​a new website (or two),​and on and on…

So today I’m making a commitment to myself​,​ my website​,​ and ​to ​you, my readers. In the coming weeks, I will be working through some ideas that I’ve had for a long time that keep coming back and nagging me for attention. Vegan recipes, a meditation system, butterflies, and more​.

Last Updated: April 17, 2024

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